Argumentation and Secondary Research (Synthesis)

  • Task: Draw on multiple reading to argue a position, following a method of argumentation
  • Note: The paper should include full documentation with a Works Cited page. (two sources)
  • Topics may be drawn from the anthology and/or additional sources discovered through working bibliography search.
  • Paper includes full documentation.

Essay Setup

Rhetoric and Persuasion
Sample Topics
Logical Fallacies
Annotated Bibliographies
Sample Essay

  • The Elements of an Argument: Exercise 5.1
  • The Three Appeals (Rhetoric): Exercise 5.2, Exercise 5.3, Exercise 5.4
  • The Limits of Argument

Other Readings:
Consider Your Purpose; Making a Claim: Formulating a Thesis; Decide How You Will Use Your Source Material; Develop an Organizational Plan; Formulate an Argument Strategy; Draft and Revise Your Synthesis: 155-159