Return to The Old Man and the Sea

Choose one of the following four essay prompts and compose a five-paragraph analysis essay responding to your chosen prompt. Essays are due January 3, 2010. Of course, as always, the essay will be completed in Google Docs. Share with


  • You must include 10 vocabulary words in the essay... and mark them so that they can be easily distinguished.
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  • Each body paragraph should include AT LEAST one quote, cited correctly, with an analysis of each quote.
  • Include universal statement and TAGS
  • The writing prompt is the thesis (the answer to the question)
  • Use topic sentences!!!

1. What makes a tragic hero? To what extent is Santiago a traditional tragic hero?

2. Identify and comment on four points of similarity between Santiago and Christ that lead critics to label Santiago as a Christ-figure. If Santiago is a Christ-figure, what, if anything, will he redeem through his suffering?

3. There are repeated references to Joe DiMaggio in the story. What significance does this simple baseball player have in this story?

4. Discuss the character of Manolin. Why is he extremely loyal to Santiago? Why does he cry when Santiago returns? What change, if any, does he undergo?