All Year 1 Credit

Prerequisite: Successful completion of English I, II, and III. This course offers the student advanced preparation in composition and literature. Writing will include analytic themes, analytic reviews, position papers and research. Reading for analysis of both fiction and nonfiction will be emphasized. Summer reading will be required, and students may be required to purchase paperbacks. This year, you can expect to learn and enhance a variety of skills to prepare you for life after Bedford High School. Our primary focus is literacy (reading and writing) for post-secondary education or work.

You can expect to write (at least) seven essays this year:
1. Introduction to Me (August)
2. Critical Review (October)
3. College Admission/Scholarship (November)
4. Resume (November)
5. Compare/Contrast (December/January)
6. Persuasive Essay (February/March)
7. Research Essay (April/May)
8. Memoir (May)

You will also read a variety of materials including the following:
1. A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines
2. The Piano Lesson by August Wilson
3. The Tragedy of Othello by William Shakespeare
4. Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
5. Princess by Jean P. Sasson

Additionally, you will also deliver a variety of speeches:
1. Introduction
2. Persuasive (as part of your persuasive essay)
3. Demonstration
Expectations and Policies

Be present, prepared, and on time.
1. Tardy Policy
You are expected to be on time to class everyday. When and if you are tardy, you must sign the tardy log.
-1st Tardy: Verbal warning and parent/guardian contact.
-2ndTardy: Teacher Detention and parent/guardian contact.
-3rd Tardy: Teacher Detention and parent/guardian contact.
-4th Tardy and subsequent tardies: Office referral with documentation of above consequences.

2. Classroom Supplies
You are expected to come prepared with the following materials on a daily basis.
a. Notebook
b. Blue/Black Pens, Pencils (#2)

3. Class Cuts
School class cut policies will be enforced.
First Cut – Phone Call Home, Unexcused Absence
Second Cut – Referral to Grade Level Office
All additional cuts will be automatically referred to your Grade Level Office.

Grades, Rules, and Interference
1. Hall Passes
You may use the hall pass up to three times in a quarter. It is to your advantage (in more ways than one!) to stay in class!!

2. Class Disturbances
In this classroom, any disturbance to your classmates’ learning or my teaching will not be tolerated. Classroom disturbances include, but are not limited to, the following: talking out of turn, being out of your seat without permission, eating in class, and using electronic devices (No Musical Devices are permitted). If you are caught with any electronic devices they will be confiscated and turned into your grade level office.

3. Cell Phones
Per the 2010-2011 Student Handbook, any visible cell phone will be confiscated and turned into your Grade Level Office.

4. When you enter the classroom
Sit in your seat, check the board, and please get to work. The bell work and daily schedule/assignment will be posted on the board.

5. When you exit the classroom
I dismiss you, not the bell. I expect you to stay in your seats until dismissed and to never line up at the door.

6. Grading Policies
a. Progress Book
Grades will be posted on a regular basis to our online grade book Progress Book. You can log-in to see your grades from any computer with internet access.
b. Late work
NO LATE WORK! This includes papers, projects, and homework. If you are absent the day something is due, you must hand it in upon your return.
c. Unexcused Absences
Per the 2009-2010 Student Handbook, all unexcused absences (including class cuts) will result in no credit for that day. If you have a question about whether or not your absence is excused, please contact your Grade Level Office.
d. Cheating/Plagiarism
Plagiarism is the false presentation of someone else's writing as one's own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If I suspect plagiarism and discover that you did, in fact, take information from another source WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION, you will receive NO CREDIT for that assignment, no matter how many points it is worth! If I found that you have taken another student’s work, you will both receive NO CREDIT for that assignment, no matter how many points it is worth!

7. All Bedford High School Rules and Policies will be followed!!


It is my belief that if a student does what he or she is expected to do, he or she should be rewarded just as a student who misbehaves is punished.

Fair, not Equal

I will work hard to meet your needs, but please remember that your needs are not the same as that of your classmates. Just like it would be inappropriate for doctors to prescribe the same medication to all patients with headaches, I will adjust my expectations for each student based on his or her individual circumstances.

Therefore…I will always be fair to each student!
HOWEVER… I will not treat everyone the SAME WAY.

Let’s work hard to have a great year together!

Introduction to Me:
5 Paragraphs
Third person (no personal pronouns!) - written as if someone else is writing about you!
Three facts/pieces of information you want Miss Cox to know

Body Paragraph 1: Interesting Fact #1
Body Paragraph 2: Interesting Fact #2
Body Paragraph 3: Interesting Fact #3