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In order to be accepted to MCU this fall, you must submit a PERFECT essay by your class meeting (NOT MIDNIGHT!!!)on November 12, 2010 (admission closed on November 19). Admission will be based on your completion of an admission essay or personal statement of 250 words. Essays must be perfect (100 points) or they will not be accepted (0 points). Late essays will NOT earn the 100 points. One letter grade will be deducted for each day turned in past November 12. (November 13/14: max 91 points; November 15: max 82 points; November 16: max 73 points; November 17, 18, 19: max 64 points; after November 19: 0 points.)

If your college requires an essay, answer their prompt with their requirements.
If your college does NOT require an essay, write a personal statement of 250 words OR write one of the sample scholarship essays.
Essay Due Date: November 12, 2010Final Admission Date: November 19, 2010NO ESSAYS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.
Essay Topics - Academic English IV
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