From Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum, p. 676

Assignment: In a 750-1000 word essay, speculate on the reasons folktales are made and told. As you develop a theory, rely on first on your own hunches regarding the origins and functions of folktale literature. You might want to recall your experiences as a child listening to tales so that you can discuss their effects on you. Rely as well on the variants of "Cinderella," which you should regard as primary sources (just as scholars do). And make use of the critical pieces you've read, selecting pertinent points from each that will help you clarify your points. Remember: your own speculation should dominate the paper. Use sources to help you make your points. You must include references (quotations/paraphrases/anecdotes/statistics) from the articles assigned. You may also use additional articles from this casebook or your own research.