Lorain County Community College

Bedford High School PSEO Program

English 161: College Composition I

Fall 2010

Instructor: Alison A. Cox, M.Ed.
Contact: acox@bedford.k12.oh.us
Office Hours: S-182 or English Department Office
By appointment before or after school or during 9o
Credit Hours: 03

Course Description: English 161 offers an introduction to fundamental college-level skills in academic
reading and writing. Summary, analysis, synthesis, and research documentation are emphasized, along with critical thinking and collaborative learning. During the semester, we will review basic writing principals, learn advanced techniques for composition, and apply those techniques to writing assignments. Additionally, this course will expose students to the techniques required for college level critical thinking for reading, writing, and analysis. Critical reading and writing skills can only be refined through practice and application; the instructor’s role will be to coach you as you practice and augment these skills.

Texts: Barnet, Sylvan, William Cain, and William Burto. Literature for Composition. Longman, 2010.
Sophocles. Oedipus Rex. Print.
Troyka, Lynn Quitman, and Douglas Hesse. Quick Access: Reference for Writers. 6th ed. Upper
Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 2010. Print.

Learning Outcomes:
Thinking to think critically for comprehension, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
Reading to read critically various forms of written discourse
Writing to write various forms of academic discourse - clearly, logically, and fluently - using
appropriate grammatical and mechanical conventions
Research to use a variety of procedures for gathering, reading, and acknowledging information taken from sources

Emphasis on the writing process will guide students in the practice of:
Techniques for selecting and narrowing a topic, forming a thesis, or purpose, and developing an organizational plan;
Techniques for drafting that emphasize methods of organization, development, and continuity
Techniques for editing and revision that foster self-evaluation

Skills Outcomes:
Composition Skills
1. Thesis statement
2. Topic sentence
3. Introduction to organization strategies, design techniques
4. Coherence and unity; transitions
5. Paragraph development
6. Introductory and concluding paragraphs

Mechanical Skills
1. Introduction and integration of quotes
2. Documentation of quotes
3. Introdcution and integration of paraphrase and summary
4. Documentation of paraphrase and summary
5. Sentence structure: run on/fragment/parallelism
6. Sentence variety
7. Coherence
8. Agreement: subject/verb, pronoun, verb tense shift
9. Works Cited
10. Punctuation: colon, semicolon, apostrophe

Attendance: Regular attendance is required by LCCC. Missing three (3) classes (approximately 120 minutes) will result in a lowered grade. Missing five (5) classes (approximately 200 minutes) will result in failure of the class. Please note that this policy differs from that of Bedford High School. You are required to adhere to the LCCC policies regarding mandatory attendance.

Grading Policy:
  • All assignments are due at the beginning of each class.
  • Late essays or a class absence on the due date will result in a penalty of one letter grade for that essay.
  • Essays that are turned in within one week of the initial due date will receive an “F” for the assignment.
  • All formal assignments are to be typed.
  • Informal assignments are to be typed or printed neatly in blue or black ink.
  • Grades will be based on the five “formal” writing projects. Homework, exercises, quizes, etc. will not exceed 10% of the overall grade.

Grading Scale: The grading scale will follow the Bedford City Schools’ scale.
100-92 A
91-83 B
82-74 C
73-65 D
64-0 F

Major Assignments:
1. Summary 500 words Weight: 0.5
Read, annotate, and summarize an expository and/or argumentative prose essay using a single source and appropriately handling direct quotation with in-text citation.
The paper will be written in class.

2. Analysis 500 words Weight: 1.0
Interpret/analyze a text with a theory/concept in a paper that appropriately incorporates direct quotation and in-text citation.
The paper will be written outside of class.

3. Analysis and Synthesis 750 words Weight: 1.5
Based on a given topic/theme, analyze and synthesize multiple reading selections in a paper that appropriately incorporates extended quotation, parenthetical citation, and a Works Cited page.
The paper will be written outside of class and will incorporate an oral component.

4. Analysis/Interpretation of Literature 750 words Weight: 1.0
Based on a work of literature, analyze and interpret a literary work in a paper that focuses on the elements of the work as well as its theme.
The paper will be written outside of class.

5. Analysis/Interpretation of a Longer Work 500-600 words Weight 1.0
Write an in-class paper over 100 minutes based on assigned reading. Students may use notes and text.

All writings will be assessed according to the LCCC guidelines. See attached.